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About Me

How old are you? where do you come from?
All is write in the Profile !

Where did you learn to draw?
By myself ...

Since how many years do you draw?
I've always drawn! I always loved that.

About the use of my drawings

Do not alter my pictures, claim they are yours, make business with them!
To use one of my artpiece for lucrative aims or expositions, just e-mail me.

Can I use your original arts for my homepage ?
Of course you can, for non lucrative aim, only if you put a link of my site on yours with my name. Please tell me about your site or about the place you want to use it. You can't use a drawing without say it to me.

Can I use some of your fanarts on my site or shrine about vidéo games and anime?
Sure! But please put some credits (name, homepage address) and mail me for saying me your linkage, then I can put your link on my link section ^_-

Can I use your cooperation arts?
No. Coop art is for me a gift for peoples I love or who love me.

Can I use some of your oekaki on my site ?
Same as the fanarts...

Can I use your gifts?
As coopération arts, I think that presents must be respected. Do not use it.

Can I use your pictures for creating winamp skins, wallpapers,, forum avatars...
If you create some winamp skin, wallpaper or avatar with my art, send it to me ^_^ It always be a pleasure to receive some things like that.

Can I use pictures for crating layouts (site or blog)?
Just put one link to my webpage with credits (image layout: Shaniah), and send me your URL ^_^

And my RPG characters ...?
You can also print my drawings to put it on your chara's, but if you expose it, or even put in on the web, just e-mail me to prevent about .

Are you commissionable ?
Come and see here

Do you sell prints of your art ?
Not actually... but you could e-mail me and say you want to see prints of mine, and if a lot of people want it, I could do some cards!

Do you sell originals?